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Water Purification Straw - Survival Implement

Water Purification Straw - Survival Implement

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The Water Filtration Straw is a compact and efficient solution for clean drinking water on the go. It features a four-stage filtration system, utilizing activated carbon to effectively eliminate 99.99% of bacteria and viruses, ensuring you have access to safe drinking water wherever you go. The filtration process is chemical-free, with no batteries or moving parts required. The straw can be easily connected directly to a water bottle with its threaded bottom, making it convenient to use. Weighing just 90g, this filtration straw is a lightweight and practical solution for outdoor enthusiasts, travelers, or anyone in need of clean drinking water.


Size: 22.5*3.0*3.0cm

Quantity: 1 PC

Net Weight: 90.0g

Material: ABS, PE

Filter material: ultrafiltration membrane, activated carbon

Color: Blue

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