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Ugg Boots Genuine Australian Sheepskin Unisex Mini Classic Suede

Ugg Boots Genuine Australian Sheepskin Unisex Mini Classic Suede

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Size Guide:
If you're feeling uncertain about which size is the best for you, please measure the length of your foot and add 5mm space, then compare this to our insole size guide (the end of the size options) and find the perfect fit.
Please stand on a piece of paper, mark the top of your top and the back of your heel and then measure the distance between these two points. This is going to give you far more precise and accurate measurements.
It would be a good idea to purchase a size up as the wool lining tends to up some of the room normally reserved for your feet.
L means Lady's size; M means men's size

Style Number: OB664

Available Sizes: 2M/4L, 3M/5L, 4M/6L, 5M/7L, 6M/8L, 7M/9L, 8M/10L, 9M/11L, 10M/12L, 11M/13L, 12M/14L

Available Colors: BLACK, CHESTNUT, OLIVE


This style's length is shorter in length than the 3/4 and long style boots.

Please Note: Depending on the boot size will determine the length so that the design is in proportion. The length of where the boot comes up may vary from one individual to the next based on their height and build.


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