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Naturehike ST10 Ultralight Carbon Fibre Hiking Poles

Naturehike ST10 Ultralight Carbon Fibre Hiking Poles

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Wristband Fabric: Nylon Webbing


Pole Material: Carbon Fiber

Stick Tip Material: Carbon Tungsten Steel

Sizes: 51-110CM (Small) / 54-120CM (Medium) / 57-130CM (Large)

Net Weight: 135g/Pole (Small) / 140g/Pole (Medium) / 145g/Pole (Large)

Model Number: NH19S010-T

Joint Number: 3

Handle Material: EVA

Damping System: Yes

Color: Red / Blue

Brand Name: Naturehike


These Trekking Poles have been designed with the adventurer in mind! Made with ultralight carbon fiber for perfect balance, portability, and strength - these poles are the perfect way to stay light on the trail. The integrated tungsten carbide tip ensures long lasting durability and is designed to not break or lose its shape over time. An anti-shock system incorporated in the pole allows for steadiness and a smooth stride, while the adjustable height helps you find the perfect fit for your height and terrain type. This is the perfect tool for long hikes, backpacking peaks, and backcountry trips!

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