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Boundless Voyage Titanium Kettle & Mug (700ml/1000ml)

Boundless Voyage Titanium Kettle & Mug (700ml/1000ml)

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Made of high grade titanium, these kettles and mugs never rust, are lightweight, do not corrode, are scratch resistant and temperature resistant. You wont ever have to buy another kettle again! Titanium also has natural antibacterial properties. 

This particular model comes in 206g and 700ml sizes, weighing only 206g and 160g respectively. Titanium is the material of choice for those who cannot afford to carry extra weight. On multi-day hikes, every gram counts. Save weight and gain convenience with these titanium Kettles. 

Brand: Boundless Voyage
Material: 99.8% Titanium (kettle and handles)
Sizes: See images
Weight: See images
Capacity: 1.0L/700ml


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