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Boundless Voyage Titanium Bowl 200/420ml

Boundless Voyage Titanium Bowl 200/420ml

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Introducing the Boundless Voyage ultralight titanium bowl! With its durable, lightweight construction, it is ideal for all types of camping, hiking, or other outdoor activities. Made from 99.8% titanium, it is lightweight and resistant to bacteria, enabling you to enjoy a clean and healthy meal. Its double wall construction offers excellent insulative properties, keeping your food warmer for longer. Available in two sizes, 200ml and 400ml, it has plenty of capacity for any meal. With its versatile design and reliable performance, the ultralight titanium bowl is the perfect solution for the adventurer on the go. 

Material: 99.8% titanium
Volume: 200ml,420ml
Weight: 81g, 132g
Manufactured in: China
Size: Φ107x50mm (200ml)Φ125x58mm (420ml)

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