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4X 8g Fishing Switchblade Blade VIBE VIB Metal Lures 50mm

4X 8g Fishing Switchblade Blade VIBE VIB Metal Lures 50mm

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Work great for both saltwater and freshwater.Productive when trolling, surfcasting on salmon, sea trout, striper, pike, bass, musky etc
Brilliant color and patterns of real bait fish which create life-like swimming actions in water! Smooth and rapid action,bright colors 3D eyes with sharp treble hooks make it a powerful catching tool

Condition: New
Available Colors: 4 Colors
Size: 5cm . 
Weight: 8g
Hook size: #8
Package includes: 4x lures ( one of each color)

Learn more about Fishing Lures 
Surface Lures: They are also known as top water lures, poppers and stickbaits. They float and resemble prey that is on top of the water. They can make a popping sound from a concave-cut head, a burbling sound from side fins or scoops or a buzzing commotion from propellers. 
Swimbaits: It is a form of soft plastic lure that resembles an actual baitfish. It can be retrieved like a plug/minnow lure. Some of these have a paddle-shaped tail that emulates a swimming motion when drawn through water. 
Spoons: They are made to resemble the inside of a table spoon. They flash in the light while wobbling or darting due to their shape. 
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