Here's a small nugget of information for ya!

Here's a small nugget of information for ya!

Skip the Kettle!

Enamel mugs can go directly over your camp fire 🔥☕️

Additionally they are lightweight, durable AND easy to clean.

Enamel mugs are made by applying powdered glass to a substrate (usually stainless or mild steel). Not only does this protect the metal from corrosion, it allows a glossy, hard wearing finish that actually ages with you!

Keep one for a few years and you'll notice a lovely antiquated look, reminding you of the great adventures you've been on together!


Use it to warm yourself up on a cold day with coffee, pour a drink on the trail or even use it as a bear bell to warn animals of your presence! They are one of the most truly multifunctional bits of gear you can take.

Get yours now 🍻

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